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Find a color scheme to fit your mood using our "Color Schemer"!
Find out the colors that match the emotion you want to portray in your clothes, or interior design.

For Example ... these are the top 3 colors for the word "Power" ...


Red-Orange Orange Orange-Yellow
  • What mood do you want to express today with color?

  • What color would best match the mood you want for your room or office?

  • What color should you wear to match the mood of your job interview?

  • What color would be great for your business uniform?

  • Great for choosing a paint color for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, den, bathroom, home, clothes, office, boat, plane or automobile.

  • Choose the emotion, sport or business environment you need to represent and we provide the top 3 colors for that mood.

  • What is YOUR favorite color? Click Here to find out.

  • Based on 15 years of research.

  • "The Color Schemer" for matching emotion or mood to color starts below...

Select the 1st emotion / mood you want to express:
Select the 2nd emotion / mood you want to express:
Select the 3rd emotion / mood you want to express:
Select a sport related to the occasion:
Select a career related to the occasion:

Red __________
RedOrange __________
Orange __________
OrangeYellow __________
Yellow __________
YellowGreen __________
Green __________
BlueGreen __________
Blue __________
BlueViolet __________
Violet __________
VioletRed __________