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Appraisals and Reports

The MAPP assesses areas a person is motivated to work in/with such as: Interest in Job Contents, Temperament for the Job, Aptitude for the Job, People, Things, Data, Reasoning, Mathematical Capacity, and Language Capacity. Positions as well as people can be assessed. Once a position is profiled you can match a person to the job to review how well they fit in the position, which areas they are stronger in, and which areas need improvement. We have several reports that can help you track employee performance. The key is to get the right person in the right position by matching the motivations of the person with the motivations needed to successfully perform in the job. By finding a natural fit, both the company and the employee will benefit.


Personal Appraisal

The Personal Appraisal is approximately 30 pages in length and contains a worker trait code analysis of the individual in relation to specific work areas. The appraisal also gives information on the individualís learning style, management style, and a look at the top 10 suggested vocational areas they should consider. The Personal Appraisal also includes a section of personal traits which gives a more in-depth look at the individual aside from their motivations toward work. Here are some examples of information that can be gained from the personal traits; does an individual prefers to work with people or alone, are they motivated to manage and if so, how; manage people, ideas, processes, what is their motivation to succeed.

The Personal Appraisal is most often used for management level and above and can be used as part of the new hire process, internal promotions, career development/training, outplacement, job transfers, career pathing, training program enrollment and re-organization. Individuals also use this appraisal because it gives them the most in-depth look at who they are and what drives them. This appraisal will give you all the information MAPP™ has to offer.

Business Appraisal

The Business Appraisal is used by companies who want to assess individuals and match them against jobs. This appraisal is approximately 25 pages in length, has the same content as the Personal Appraisal, but does not include the personal traits section. The Business Appraisal is used by companies who want an extensive look at their employees or job candidates but are not interested in information beyond their work-related motivations.

Career Motivational Appraisal

MAPPís Career Motivational Appraisal is approximately 25 pages in length and can be purchased online. The purpose of this appraisal is to give individuals a user-friendly version of MAPP™ that will aid them with their search for a meaningful career that fits their motivations and needs.

Student MAPP

The Student MAPP Appraisal provides valuable insights for career changers or job seekers. Whether you are in school or contemplating a career move involving education the depth this appraisal provides will help you choose a career goal and a path through whatever training you might need to reach your goals.

If you are a teacher or educator you will want to visit our Student.Assessment.com site for information on how your school can participate in our MAPP School Program.

Job Profiling

The ideal way to create job profiles for your corporation is to "benchmark" your top performers. The importance of creating job profiles is to be able to match current and potential employeesí motivational traits against the traits required to successfully perform in a specific job. This process is called Composite Job Profiling.

Composite job profiling generates a company-specific job profile by merging the inventories of your top performers. Simply invite these individuals to take the MAPP™ assessment online and the MAPP™ assessment system will generate your job profile once each individual has taken the assessment. It is best to use 4, 5 or 6 individuals to create each profile. You can set this process up in our Corporate Resource Center.

If there are no top performers in the position, or it is a new position and no experienced people exist for benchmarking when a Direct Job Profile is manually created. This is done by a group of people in a company who identify the positionís required traits from their own interaction with the job and the context of job in the company. To create a Direct Job Profile you can go to (link) and download the MAPP™ Software which will allow you to create the appraisals and reports from your own PC.


Job Match Summary

A 5-page evaluation of an individualís profile compared to a specific job profile. This report gives a spider graph summary of the nine worker trait groups compared to the job profile. This report can be used as part of the new hire process or for internal promotions.MAPP

Job Match Analysis

A 9-page evaluation of an individualís profile compared to a specific job profile. This report includes spider graphs which illustrate the person compared to each of the 9 worker trait code groups and a spider graph summary of the 9 worker trait code groups compared to the job profile. This report can be used as part of the new hire process, especially with management level postitions and above, internal promotions and career development.MAPP

Match People to Jobs

This matching report sorts and ranks a list of one or all individuals in your company database, by percentage, to a job profile. This matching report may be used to determine top performers in a position. It may also be used as a screening tool when you have numerous job applicants.MAPP

Match Jobs to People

This matching report sorts and ranks, by percentage, a list of jobs against one individualís profile. It is often used as the first step in determining where new candidates may fit into the company structure or where an existing candidate may be directed.MAPP